Welcome to the Client Lounge


Sit back, relax, chuck on some Sam Cooke, and grab a drink (or two). 


This space is here to get your creative mind going and to help you create an awesome, meaningful, and memorable wedding ceremony.


First, download the template provided below.

Then, use the template as a reference to explore the many options available to you for your ceremony.  Begin with Step One (below) and work your way through.

Add your ideas to the template.  Adjust them.  Refine them.

Once you're happy with how your ceremony is looking, simply send it through to me for finalisation.  Remember to have fun and contact me at any point along the way.

Johanna xo

Step One - The Legals

This step tackles the minimum required wording which we will need to start with in order to make your marriage legally binding.  The legally required wording is already incorporated into your wording template.  Clicking on this link will show you what is required and what options you have to adjust or add onto the minimum required wording.

Step Two - Basic Elements

Here is where we can add onto the legal basics and create a more personalised ceremony.  Traditional elements include things like the "I Do" part, exchanging of rings, and of course, your vows.
This is the recognisable stuff - the parts that you think of when you imagine  a wedding ceremony.  Click on the button to the left to explore what options are open to you and how to ensure they are personalised for you guys.

Step Three - The Extras

This is where the real magic happens.  Once you have created a ceremony structure and wording that you like, you can add unique touches to your ceremony to make it fun, interesting, and reflective of you both.  Try not to be restricted to the ideas and examples you see here.  The idea is to adjust the examples to cater to your story.  If you're unsure quite how to do this, let me know because that's what I'm here for.  Together, we can make sure your ceremony is memorable, interesting, and engaging for your guests.
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