Why I'm here.
(and a little more about me...)
My work-life, passions and skills have grown and evolved over the last 15 years to what is now an eclectic mix of healthcare education, teaching and training expertise, event coordination, creative writing, celebrancy, community membership management, company ownership, and a smidge of self care.  Just a smidge.  
I'm available for hire, but only for like two of those skillsets.  They change depending on my mood.
The creds that makes up this wonderful hodge podge o' productivity (in case you were sitting on the edge of your seat) are:
  • over a decade working as a nurse in the operating theatres 
  • a Masters Degree with a major in Leadership and Management
  • 10 years as a Marriage and Funeral Celebrant
  • five years running educational conferences for wedding industry experts
  • co-owning a professional community of over 6000 business owners
Now, I'm sharing all of this with you - along with my authentic self - in the hopes that you may see the real me, understand the ethos behind the business I run and connect with me if that's what's right.

This is where the hippie stuff comes in, ya ready?

I honestly believe that the right people will be drawn to what I offer and that those whose lives I am not serving in some meaningful capacity or whose intentions are not in a good place will not stick around for long.  I certainly hope the door doesn't hit them on the way out.  Jks.

This is where your part to play comes in.  If what you read here doesn't resonate with you, then I am simply not for you.  Honestly, I wish everyone well but I also wish for only the people who share my vibe to be in my space.  If that's you, then yee-ha, it looks like I just made a new friend.

Oh, and I fucking love crystals.  Don't say you weren't warned.

Be In


Johanna Ferris

0416 517 845


Australia and Worldwide xx

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